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Building Rehablitation Epoxy Anchor Adhesive Suitable High Temperate Climates

Building Rehablitation Epoxy Anchor Adhesive Suitable High Temperate Climates

Building Rehablitation Epoxy Anchor Adhesive Suitable High Temperate Climates
Building Rehablitation Epoxy Anchor Adhesive Suitable High Temperate Climates

Large Image :  Building Rehablitation Epoxy Anchor Adhesive Suitable High Temperate Climates

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XINCHOR
Model Number: FixingChor 165
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: individual in plastic cartridges, 20pcs/ctn,
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100,000pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Capacity: 650ml Materials: Epoxy
Color: Grey Or Red Weight: 1200g
Initial Curing: 30 Mins Under 25 Degree Celsius Mixing Ratio: 1:1
Tensile Strength: 55KN Shelf Life: 2 Years
High Light:

epoxy anchoring system


rebar anchoring epoxy

650ml Large Pack Styrene Free Epoxy Anchor Adhesive For Building Rehablitation


Chemical anchor adhesive, epoxy injection mortar, Chemical fixing glue,

Chemical anchoring system used for anchoring and rebar connections in concrete.

Strong, Versatile Epoxy Anchor Adhesives For Threaded Rod, Rebar


Item #: FixingChor165

Capacity: 650ml

Materials: Epoxy

Mixing Ratio: 1:1


650ml Styrene Free Epoxy Anchor Adhesive For Building Rehablitation


Pure Epoxy 1:1 resin is a high performance, two components pure epoxy resin system. Applied in one

single action this resin will produce a high performance, strong fixing with exceptionally high chemical resistance.


Solvent-free, epoxy resin based, two part high performance anchoring adhesive.



Styrene free

Can use in damp area

High load capacities

Non-sagging, even overhead

Non-cracked concrete


High stability

Low odour

Good Smelling

Non contraction after harden

No transportation restrictions


High bonding strength,

Can be applied in severe environment

With molecular structure combining the Hydrophilic group and hydrophobic group


Can operate and keep high performance in any environment of moisture, hot and still

works even if the surface of hole is smooth.


Good elongation property

No breaking under high stressing.

repristinate after stressing.



-Fixing machines, handrails, steel constructions, wood constructions, reinforcement bars, especially suitable for big diameter rebar and rods.

-Suitable to resist loads in cracked or uncracked concrete base material for cases where anchor design theory and criteria applies.

-Bonding threaded rod and reinforcing bar into hardened concrete.

-Can be installed in a wide range of base material temperatures.

-Medium&Heavy duty load applications.

-Ideal for indoor usage.

-High durability.



2 Main Performance

Testing project Condition Index
Gel Performance  (According to China National Standard GB50728-2011)
Split Tensile Strength (MPa) Under (23±2)℃, (50±5)%RH, tested by loading speed of 2mm/min ≥8.5
Flexural Strength (MPa)


(no fragment damage)

Compressive Strength (MPa) ≥60
Bonding Capacity (According to China National Standard GB50728-2011)
Steel-Steel Tensile Shear Strength (MPa) (23±2)℃  (50±5)%RH ≥10
Bonding strength of Ribbed steel bar (or screw) with concrete under constrain drawing condition (23±2)℃ (50±5)%RH C30,Ф25,L=150mm ≥11
C60,Ф25,L=150mm ≥17
Steel-Steel  T-peeling strength (mm) (23±2)℃,(50±5)%RH ≤25
Non-volatile content (105±2)℃,(180±5)min ≥99%
Ageing resistance to heat and humidity  90d
Reduction rate of tensile strength Under  normal room temperature ≤12%
 (According to China National Standard  JGJ145-2013)
Tensile  Strength (after high temperature welding)

Dia12 Grade II steel, C30 concrete

Hole dia.16mm, Depth: 150mm

55.1N, 57.0N, 54.8N

3 Technical Data

Anchoring Adhesive used with thread rod

Thread Rod Dia


C30 Concrete

M10 M12 M16 M20 M24
Drilling Dia.(mm)   12 14 18 24 28
Depth (mm)   90 110 145 180 220
Damage Pulling force KN Grade 5.8 Steel 29 42.2 78.5 122.5 254.5
Grade 8.8 Steel / A4 SS 36.8 52.9 94.1 147.0 211.7
Damage Cutting force  KN Grade 5.8  Steel 17.4 25.3 47.1 73.5 105.9
Grade 8.8 Steel `27.8 40.5 75.3 117.6 169.4
Designed Pulling force  KN   12.0 17.02 30.6 52.4 75.2
Designed Cutting Force  KN Grade 5.8 Steel 12.2 17.6 32.9 51.5 74.1
Grade 8.8 Steel 18.6 27.0 50.2 78.4 113.0
Holes for each   54 25 8 5 3


-Do not install anchors when substrate temperature is less than 0°C.

-Do not install anchors when the temperature is less than 10°C.

-If the cartridge is not finished, please clean the opening, then put the plug back and cap tightly.

-It can be used again in the future by replacing the static mixer.

-Please ensure hole is properly cleaned. Hole may be damp but must be free from water.

-Do not dilute mortar with any solvents and/or other chemicals.

-Not suitable for use in diamond cored holes without roughening.

-Please ensure spiral mixer in nozzles.

-Do not install into uncured concrete.

-Please use Xinchor nozzles, other nozzles may cause ineffective mixing

and reduce the properties of the mortar.

-At temperatures below 10°C should be warmed or stored in temperatures

of 10-30°C for 24hours prior to use to improve product flow and cure.

-If the gelling time expires, please use a new static mixer.

-Do not cut or shorten nozzles.


Curing time:


Operation and Curing time
Temperarure -5 0 10 20 ≥30
Operation time (min) 60 45 30 25 20
Curing time (h) 72 48 24 12 6



Consumption Chart (holes per cartridge)


Anchor Rod dia. M10 M12 M16 M20 M24
Drilling Dia.(mm) 12 14 18 24 28
Depth (mm) 90 110 145 180 220
Each usage 8ml 13ml 28ml 62ml 103ml
360ml 45 27      
390ml 48 30 14 6 3
585ml 73 45 20 9 5
650ml 81 50 23 10 6


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Our Product Lines:

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- Steel Bonding System: XQ-GZ Epoxy grouting adhesives, XQ-JGN Plate bonding Adhesives

- Crack Repairing System: XQ-GF Crack grouting adhesives, XQ-FF crack seal adhesives

- Chemical Anchoring 390ml(3:1), 585ml(3:1), 650ml(1:1),


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Our main product series:


-- Steel bonding reinforcement system

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XQ-FB edge sealing adhesive

XQ-JGN  structural epoxy adhesive


-- Chemical Anchor series

Pure Epoxy Adhesive 585ml (3:1) 360ml (5:1) 390ml(3:1)


-- Carbon fiber reinforcement system,

XQ-XW  carbon fiber epoxy adhesive

XQ-XB concrete surface leveling epoxy adhesive

XQ-CFC carbon fiber fabric 12K unidirectional 200gsm-600gsm


-- Concrete repair system

XQ-GF  crack grouting adhesive

XQ-FF crack sealing adhesive


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